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 Dual System

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PostSubject: Dual System   Mon Oct 26, 2015 8:19 pm

For any that are faced with the ancient OS 9 scene, here is my recent tangle.
Had a previous custy dump a G4 powerbook and 17 iMac G5 in my lap and wanted them to both have dual system like a previous iMac G5 i did for her. Only problem, i did this years ago.

So if faced with this and you are thinking dual system without partitioning the HD, then first and foremost you will require a Disk Utility that has OS 9 drivers checkbox.
Then reformat with 1 or 2 partitions and OS X extended.

When i got the laptop it had Leopard on it and it allowed to re format with OS 9 drivers, but a lot of my older install disks would not viz; 10.2 10.3 10.4 10.5 so my other flash of brilliance was to crank up the old G3 iMac i had here and with it connected to the G5 going in Target mode that allowed the drive to be redone with the OS 9 drivers.

Did the G5 with 130GB and 40GB as there was some comment about not being able to use the full 200GB HD that i had fitted.

First i did Panther and then copied system folder from a 9.2 disc ( could not get first one recognised so found another 9.2 disc and that did the deed ).

Then dragged the finder and system files out of the system folder onto desk top then dragged and dropped back in ( that step does the ‘blessing' of those 2 files { sorts their permissions is my guess } )

Next step was to go into sys prefs and open OS 9 icon and launch it from there - select the system folder as it probably wont find it.

Having done and OS 9 would run in its own window i then did the upgrade to Tiger and its 1500 upgrades ( well, it seemed a like a lot )

Then i used disk utility to make a dmg file of the entire OS onto a 16GB USB stik.

Then started computer off install disk - went into Disk Utilty and used restore selecting the .dmg off the USB stik - note it takes forever to copy the blocks across, then shutdown and hit the power button and it booted into Tiger and would open OS 9 in a window.
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Dual System
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