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 Newbie 101 - Rule-book

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PostSubject: Newbie 101 - Rule-book   Thu Aug 20, 2009 4:25 am

Here are some simple rules that are enforced throughout the forums:

Quote :
1. No porn, illegal content, or links to dangerous websites with this content.

2. No trap links or harmful URL's.

3. Do not upload any files that are potentially dangerous (infringes copyright, has a virus, damaged data, ect).

4. Offending, abusing, and harrassing members is not tolerated (note: I am not going to fight your battles, but if someone is intentionally trying to harm you beyound arguments that take place in topics please alert a staff member).

5. Do not divert topics from their original subject.

6. No spam. This includes overuse of emotes, advertising, quote pyramids, and large text or images.

7. If you come across an old topic, only bump it if you have something considerably important to say. Otherwise just start a new topic.

These rules will be inforced. Bans from the forum will only take place if a user ignores warnings. Enjoy your time here! Smile
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Newbie 101 - Rule-book
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